vrijdag 11 maart 2011

Last minute creative friday

Aangezien ik in Syrië was heb ik helaas deze week niets gemaakt voor creative friday, maar net toen ik vandaag uit mijn werk kwam kreeg ik een email van Cheryl dat de eerste popjes van de doll-swap waren aangekomen, en die kon ik dus mooi even posten op creative friday. Ik heb al mijn popjes gebaseerd op natuurlijke elementen en dit zijn de vuurpopjes. Geschilderd met ecoline en vleugeltjes gegeven van sprookjesvilt. (haarkleur, zwart met rood gemengd)
As I was in Syria this week I had nothing to show on creative friday, but when I came home today I received an email from cheryl that the dolls I made for her for our doll-swap arrived. So I did have something to show to you all. I made my dolls inspired on natural elements and these were fire. I coloured them with liquid watercolours and made there wings of woolfelt. (hair colour black and red mixed.)

3 opmerkingen:

Sunshine Mama zei

I love your peg dolls! They are so beautiful!

I am also taking part of that online swap, it's the first time I've ever made some peg dolls before, so I didn't have too many ideas to begin with, but it's so much fun! Thanks for sharing yours :)

Cheryl zei

Thanks again for these lovely dolls. I hope you receive our doll soon. My children are enchanted by them. I think they will be going on plenty of adventures. They are intrrigued by them being inspired by the fire element.

momma rae zei

they are gorgeous!! love their colors and those wings! i am a fire sign so they are close to my heart. ;)